Duplicate Numbers and EZ Match

Since introducing the $1 EZ Match option for Pick 3, Pick 4 and Lotto on Nov. 13, we have received a couple questions regarding winning EZ Match tickets when game numbers have duplicate digits.

According to the game rules for EZ Match, which can be found at MOLottery.com, "If two (2) or more of the same numbers match an EZ Match number, the player wins the EZ Match prize amount printed next to the matched EZ Match number one (1) time."

For example, if a player plays the numbers 1-9-8-1 on Pick 4 with EZ Match selected and 1 was randomly selected as an EZ Match number, the player would win the prize printed next to 1 only once, not two times. In the example to the right, the player would win $10.

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