First Top Prize Makes a Splash on Retailer's Social Media

Buckys Post

The first $10 million top prize in the new $30 "$300 Million Cash Explosion®" Scratchers ticket was sold at Bucky's Express, 4505 S. Lindbergh Blvd., in St. Louis. Bucky's Express worked with the Lottery and their Lottery sales representative (LSR) to promote the exciting news on their social media accounts, and they increased their engagement with their customers in the process.

In an ever-increasing digital age, more people are getting their information through their personal devices. Social media is a great tool to publicize all the ways players can win the Lottery, and it can also help swing the door for you as a Lottery retailer. Consider publicizing your Lottery winners on social media to drive engagement online and increase foot traffic in your store.

Cash Explosion® is a registered trademark of the Ohio Lottery Commission.