Golden Ticket, $300 Million Cash Explosion: Monthly Drawing #40

$30 Scratchers Games

The Missouri Lottery now offers two $30 Scratchers tickets. Each game offers its own $1 Million second-chance drawing. Plus, for a limited time, you can enter EITHER "$300 Million Cash Explosion®" or "$300,000,000 Golden Ticket" into your My Lottery account for additional chances to win!

"$300 Million Cash Explosion®"


"$300,000,000 Golden Ticket"

Monthly Drawings for $500 Cash

In addition to the drawings listed above, you’ll receive entry into a monthly drawing every time you enter EITHER one of these $30 tickets. We will award 10 winners of $500 each month!

Monthly Winners


"$300 Million Cash Explosion®"

Your chance to win up to $10 MILLION instantly or $1 MILLION in three second-chance drawings.

Draw #1:   April 23, 2019
Draw #2:   Sept. 22, 2020
Draw #3:   TBD

  • Grand Prize: $1 Million Cash (one per drawing)
  • First Prize: $10,000 Cash (two per drawing)
  • Second Prize: $1,000 Cash (five per drawing)

"$300 Million Cash Explosion®" Details & Remaining Prizes

"$300,000,000 Golden Ticket"

Win up to $10 MILLION on the spot or $1 MILLION in the final second-chance drawing.

Final drawing date TBD:

  • Grand Prize: $1 Million Cash
  • First Prize: $10,000 Cash
  • Second Prize: $1,000 Cash

Draw #1 Winners   |   Draw #2 Winners

"$300,000,000 Golden Ticket" Details & Remaining Prizes


Cash Explosion® is a registered trademark of the Ohio Lottery Commission.