How to Report Stolen Scratchers Tickets

ticket back

Criminals can strike at any time to steal products, including Lottery Scratchers tickets. It’s a situation that we hope you never experience. However, should your establishment be victimized by Scratchers theft - whether through burglary or internal theft - we want to make sure you are aware of the proper steps to take in reporting the incident.

  1. Call the Missouri Lottery’s security department at 866-MOLOTTERY (866-665-6883), press option 5, to report stolen tickets.

  2. Give the Lottery security investigator your name, Retailer ID, business name, and your phone number.

  3. In order for a security investigator to put the stolen tickets on HOLD, you must provide the Game Number, Pack Number and Ticket Numbers found on the back of each Scratchers game (see image) of all the tickets that were stolen.

  4. If no one is available to take your call, leave a voicemail with the information requested in steps 2 and 3, and a Lottery security investigator will begin their investigation soon after.

  5. Contact your local law enforcement agency to make a report of the theft. Include the Game, Pack and Ticket Numbers (see image) that were stolen in your report.

Please note:  The above steps can be found by clicking the "Help" button on all Lottery terminals.

In order to quickly identify all stolen tickets, it is imperative that retailers keep an accurate daily inventory of all the Scratchers tickets in dispensers including Game, Pack and Ticket Numbers. Your Lottery sales representative has an inventory tracking sheet.

Once a report is filed, the Lottery’s security department will begin an investigation. The investigator will inform retail staff of any validations that occurred prior to the report of theft, and any further attempts to cash tickets after the tickets have been put on hold. This information should be forwarded to law enforcement for further investigation purposes when possible.