Protect Yourself and Your Scratchers

It’s a busy time of the year for Missouri Lottery retailers. Guarantee that you are protecting yourself and your inventory by following these four easy steps when new tickets arrive:

Some ways that retail locations have capitalized on the seasonal purchasing dash include:

  • Check that your address appears on ticket shipment packages.

  • Verify that pack numbers on packs of Scratchers tickets in the box match the pack numbers on the invoice.

  • Secure all Lottery inventory at all times and monitor employee access to Scratchers.

  • Maintain a daily inventory log of all Scratchers dispensers by game, pack and ticket number.

In the Event of an Emergency

In the event of theft, immediately contact the Lottery at 1-866-665-6883, or use the ?Help? button on the terminal, to report the incident. Have the following information ready:

  • Your retailer ID, business name and address

  • Your name and phone number

  • The following Scratchers ticket information for all stolen tickets: