Reporting Stolen Scratchers Tickets

If your Lottery Scratchers® tickets are stolen

  1. Immediately notify the Missouri Lottery by calling the Hotline phone number:
    866-MOLOTTERY (866-665-6883), select option 5, and give the following information:

    • Retailer ID number and business name
    • Complete name and phone number where you can be reached
    • Stolen Scratchers ticket information – game, pack and ticket number ranges. (Obtain these numbers from ticket inventory lists, Lottery invoices, business records, etc.)

  2. If no one is immediately available to answer your call, please leave a voicemail with all details noted above.

  3. Immediately notify your local law enforcement agency. 

  4. Provide additional information as required by the Missouri Lottery.

To expedite the investigative process, retailers who have reported stolen tickets to the Missouri Lottery, as outlined above, are encouraged to file a police report with their local law enforcement agency.  Retailers are encouraged to proceed with filing an insurance claim with their insurance company, if applicable.  The Missouri Lottery investigates each report of stolen tickets on a case-by-case basis.

Missouri Code of State Regulations, 12 CSR 40-40.180, requires a retailer to immediately report the theft, loss or damage of any lottery tickets or equipment to the state lottery and the local law enforcement agency.