Retailers Benefit $67 Million with Lottery

From every new Scratchers ticket launched to every ticket sold, retailers earn more with the Lottery. In fiscal year 2017 alone, businesses from across Missouri earned more than $67 million* in commissions and incentives. Here are some of the ways that Missouri Lottery retailers benefit:

  • The average Lottery purchase is $3.47, meaning the average retailer commission is 17 cents.

  • Players typically purchase more than just Lottery tickets, making the average Lottery player's basket worth $10.35.

  • Retailers earned more than $14 million* in cashing bonuses during 2017.

  • An extra $300 can be earned when validating tickets on MO Money Mondays.

  • Additional chances to win cash, trips and merchandise items are available with various sales contests throughout the year.

  • Earn a selling bonus if your location sells a large winning Draw Games ticket.