Scratchers as Gifts Can Boost Sales

Scratchers as Gifts

Earn more by thinking outside the box and the retail walls this holiday season by promoting Scratchers As Gifts on location! The holiday season is always a busy time of the year, but it’s also when your Lottery sales experience a significant boost from players purchasing tickets as holiday gifts.

Some ways that retail locations have capitalized on the seasonal purchasing dash include:

  • Promoting Scratchers As Gifts on their outdoor marquee

  • Decorating a Christmas tree with sample Scratchers tickets

  • Advertising jackpot amounts at gas pumps

  • Offering an on-site player promotion

Strategies like these are great ways to increase Lottery sales and commissions, in addition to taking advantage of the retailer incentives offered in the “Second Chance of a Lifetime: Cruise into the Holidays” promotion. Work with your Lottery sales representative to come up with a plan of action to boost sales and cash this holiday season.