Upsell with Family-Style Scratchers Games

family style games

A common practice across the lottery industry is to introduce a family of games at the same time. Family-style Scratchers are introduced at multiple price points with similar play styles and themes, like the "In A Flash" tickets introduced in December.

These types of tickets offer retailers exclusive upselling opportunities that other Scratchers games don’t offer. Consider these points:

  • Since family games typically feature the same play style, players will be familiar with all tickets in the family, whether it’s a $1 ticket or a $10 ticket.

  • Many Scratchers fans will want to purchase one of every price point, especially on MO Money Monday.

  • Players who prefer $1 and $2 Scratchers can try sample price points.

Sales figures prove that players love family Scratchers games. In fact, the average weekly sales of Scratchers family games during the first 18-weeks are more than $2.7 million statewide.