Alerts Description
The Retailer Portal offers Missouri Lottery retailers the opportunity to be directly notified via email or text message regarding important and timely events and deadlines. Below are examples of the types of alerts currently available.

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Bond Renewal
bond renewal

Missouri Lottery Bond

  • Required to maintain your Lottery license
  • 30-day and 60-day notices
  • Renew, sign and submit electronically
New Games
new games

New Game Incentive for MO Money Mondays

  • Your new Scratchers ticket launches
  • Your validation progress toward earning your bonus
  • Your final incentive results
Manage Alerts

After navigating to the "My Alerts" page while logged in, a table similar to the one below will appear.

By clicking the "Add New" button, a user can add individual recipients of text and/or email alerts for any offered Alerts.

To edit or delete a recipient, simply click "edit" or "remove" to the right of the recipient's information.

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Deliver To Alert Type Delivery Method Recipient
Employee #1 Bond Renewal text 555-555-5555 edit | remove
Employee #2 Blitz Games email edit | remove
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