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Wait, Retailers Earn How Much Per Transaction?

Curious about how much profit you earn in each Lottery transaction? Check out some nifty numbers about retailer Lottery commissions.
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Helpful Hints: What To Do When You're in a Paper Jam

Follow a few easy steps to quickly fix a paper jam and get back to business.
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Newly Licensed Retailers

Congratulations to all who became Missouri Lottery retailers in December.
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Monthly Transfer Update

The December transfer of more than $24.8 million is based on sales in November, and it brings the total profits transferred in FY20 to more than $150.6 million.
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How to Report Stolen Scratchers Tickets

Criminals can strike at any time to steal products, including Lottery Scratchers tickets.
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New Retailer Portal Launch

A new and improved Missouri Lottery Retailer Portal is coming in February, bringing lots of new tools to retailers' fingertips.

Retailer Spotlight

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Another year has concluded, and it’s time to discover which Missouri Lottery retailers earned memberships into the 2019 Million Dollar Club and Keno Crown Club.

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Winning N u m b e r s

Saturday, Feb. 15
16-32-35-36-46 PB: 3 POWER PLAY: 3
Tuesday, Feb. 18
6-12-39-61-70 MB: 4 MEGAPLIER: 3
Monday, Feb. 17
4-27-29-34-45 LB: 14
Saturday, Feb. 15
Tuesday, Feb. 18
Evening: 0-6-9
Midday: 5-0-5
Tuesday, Feb. 18
Evening: 1-0-4-4
Midday: 0-6-1-4
Tuesday, Feb. 18
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