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Protect Yourself - Ask for ID

Don't allow unfamiliar faces to deter you from asking for proper identification.
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Retailer Integrity and Responsibility Program

The comprehensive "Do The Right Thing" program will provide you with the tools and best practices to successfully manage your Lottery product, while, at the same time, insuring the integrity and security of our business and yours.
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Best Practices & Sales Tips for Missouri Lottery Retailers

Use these tips to help maximize sales at your retail location.
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Summer Playlist: Drawing #2

A once-in-a-lifetime music festival trip is within reach for your players when they enter Scratchers and Draw Games tickets into the promotion.

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Retailer Spotlight


A new group of Missouri Lottery retailers is being inducted into the Million Dollar Club.

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Winning N u m b e r s

Saturday, Jul. 4
3-6-14-18-24 PB: 21 PP: 3
Friday, Jul. 3
33-50-64-71-72 MB: 9 MEGAPLIER: 4
Thursday, Jul. 2
1-17-22-35-36 LB: 7
Saturday, Jul. 4
Saturday, Jul. 4
Sunday, Jul. 5
Evening: 2-5-2
Midday: 4-4-7
Sunday, Jul. 5
Evening: 3-6-3-1
Midday: 9-4-7-4
Sunday, Jul. 5
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