Available Equipment

Altura Online Terminal System





The Altura on-line terminal system is used to sell all Draw Games and redeem winning Scratchers tickets. Its many features ensure fast and easy ticket transactions. Features include: a touch-screen terminal with playslip and barcode readers and an easy-to-load thermal printer. Check-A-Ticket readers, LCDs and VFD display units are available in some locations.

Inside Equipment Dimensions*
Touch-screen terminal: 13.37" wide x 15.5" high x 18.95" deep
Check-A-Ticket (CAT): 7.5 " wide x 12.5" high x 4.5" deep
LCD monitor (not shown): 15.25" wide x 16" high on stand with 8" diameter
Printer: 6.5" wide x 7.48" high x 10.81" deep
VFD: 8.5" wide x 3.63" high on adjustable stand
Satellite receiver (for satellite installations): 3.5" wide x 9.75" high x 10" deep

*The Altura equipment requires up to five outlets,
and a power strip is recommended.
Outside Equipment Dimensions
Satellite dish: 3 ' 11.25" diameter x 6 ' 0.75" high
Radio antenna: 3' to 10' high

Club Game Monitors

keno monitor

Club Game monitors draw attention to the game and each drawing. Monitors display draw shows for Club Games, display locations that sell high tier Club Keno winning tickets and winning numbers for Draw Games. Place these 32", 26" or 21" monitors in your Club Keno location for customers to easily watch and play Club Games.


  • 32" Flat Screen Monitor area is 38" wide x 21" high x 5" deep
  • 26" Flat Screen Monitor area is 26" wide x 18.5" high x 5" deep
  • 21" Flat Screen Monitor area is 21" wide x 15.5" high x 5" deep

Play Center

round playcenter      

These are stand-alone cabinet style units that are used as a player area and storage bin. Play centers serve as your in-store Lottery sales information center. Players will find:

  • Current promotional information;
  • Playslips for Draw Games;
  • 'How to Play' Lottery brochures.

Play centers are "Scratch" locations that assist in moving players away from the point of purchase while tickets are being played. In addition to the various brochures and Lottery materials, the Check-A-Ticket is generally found here to allow players to check Draw Game tickets.

  • Short-top play center is 24" wide x 66" high x 15.25" deep
  • Tall-top play center is 24" wide x 72 " high x 15.25" deep
flat playcenter

Scratchers Games Equipment

In-Counter Scratchers Dispenser


These 20, 24 "Pop-up" or 25-game dispensers are fitted into a pre-cut hole in the counter, making the top of the unit flush with the counter top.

Tickets or ticket display cards are visible to the customer through a glass top.  Your LSR provides a "Plan-o-gram" to show where each pricepoint should be displayed to maximize sales and provide customer convenience. The advantage of these units is that no counter space is used.


  • All but the top frame and glass portion fit neatly beneath the counter.
  • The 20-game customer display area is 18.625" wide x 18.625" deep.
  • The 24-game "Pop-up" customer display area is 20.25" wide x 24.5" deep.
  • The 25-game customer display area is 23" wide x 18.625" deep.
  • The height under counter is adjustable from 16.125" to 17.5" on both models.
20-Game Dispenser

25-Game Dispenser


On-Counter Scratchers Dispenser




On-Counter Dispensers let players decide what tickets they wish to purchase before they step up to the counter.

These 20, 24, 28 or 32-game dispensers are generally fronted with a display piece that better merchandises tickets from a distance. Your LSR provides a “Plan-o-gram” to show where each pricepoint should be displayed to maximize sales and provide customer convenience.  This allows customers to make purchase decisions before reaching the point of purchase.

  • Ticket Menu Boards use display cards that clearly show pricepoints and game names;
  • The 20-game ticket-menu-board and promoter area is 16.5” high x 18.625" wide x 18.625" deep;
  • The 24-game ticket-menu-board and promoter area is 19” high x 18.5” wide x 16.5” deep;
  • The 28-game promoter area is 21.75” high x 18.5” wide x 16.5” deep;
  • The 32-game promoter area is 25.5” high x 18.5” wide x 16.5”.
20-Game Dispenser

on-counter display
Dispenser on Stand


ITVM - Instant Ticket Vending Machine

24bin itvm


The 24 & 4 ITVM serves as a "silent salesperson" at high-volume grocery stores, bowling alleys, truck stops and Club Keno locations. The ITV is user-friendly for Lottery customers.

These 24 & 4 bin Instant Ticket Vending Machines allow Lottery players to purchase Scratchers tickets. 

  • State-of-the art SmartLoad ticket-management process;
  • Remote shut-off; bright design and colors stand out at retail;
  • Front-loading and ADA compliant with State-of-the-art security.


  • 24-Bin ITVM area is 29.25" wide x 69" high x 24.75" deep. Machine weight is approximately 500-550 lbs. Suggested placement is within 100' of the retail terminal for optimal wireless performance. *
  • 4-Bin ITVM area is 24.5” wide x 22” high x 14” deep.  Machine weight is approximately 95 Lbs.  Optional Pedestal Mount Dimensions: 29.75” wide x 28.95” deep.

*Not available in all areas