Best Practices & Sales Tips for Missouri Lottery Retailers

  1. Keep Dispensers and vending machines full. 

    Lottery tickets are like other products in your stores they can only be purchased if they are in front of the customer.

    • Get the new games in dispensers on each new game launch date, players are looking for new games and you will see at a minimum 20% increase in Scratchers sales when you have the new games out.

    • Train multiple sales associates on how to load the dispensers/vending machines.

    • Tape tickets in vending machines to ensure of no outages.

    • Feature at least 24 Scratchers games on the front selling counter.

    • Re-order tickets when the inventory gets low; simply call (866) 665-6883.

  2. Follow the Missouri Lottery recommended Plan-o-gram.

    • The plan-o-gram is designated to ensure the correct assortment of the best-selling games by price point, arranged in the appropriate format for your customers.

  3. Signage

    • Post winner awareness and jackpot signs to encourage your customers to purchase their Missouri Lottery tickets from you.

  4. Suggestive Sell Missouri Lottery

    • Encourage sales associates to ask every customer if they would like to purchase a Missouri Lottery ticket.   "Can I get you a Powerball ticket today, tonight's jackpot is $100 million."  "Did you see the new Scratchers games arrived this week?"

    • Use jackpot flyers as a selling tool for associates to upsell Big Jackpot games; Powerball with Power Play, Mega Millions with Megaplier, Missouri Lotto, Show Me Cash with EZ Match.

    • Cross-Sell: if a customer is buying a Scratchers ticket suggest a jackpot game or if they are buying a jackpot game suggest a new Scratchers ticket from our monthly launches.

    • Be aware of the current Missouri Lottery promotions and communicate these with your customers.

  5. Accept all forms of tender, including debit/credit cards.