Players Prefer Dual $30 Scratchers Facings

Dual $30 Facings

With the introduction of “$300 Million Cash Explosion®,” there are now two $30 Scratchers tickets available. Players are searching for both games, and retailers are seeing a considerable sales growth in the $30 price point. Consider these figures:

  • $4.09 million: The average weekly sales for both $30 games after “$300 Million Cash Explosion®” was introduced.

    • $2.89 million: The average weekly sales for “$300 Million Cash Explosion®” in the first two weeks after sales for the game began.
    • $1.2 million: The average weekly sales for “$300,000,000 Golden Ticket” following the introduction of the new $30 game.

  • 2,800: The number of retail locations that have dual facings of both $30 games.

  • 87.5 percent: The increase in $30 ticket sales that retail locations with dual $30 ticket facings are experiencing.

  • $1.50: The amount retailers earn in commissions for every $30 Scratchers ticket sold.

Whereas $30 players had one choice before, they now have more variety in their preferred price point, and many are choosing to buy both tickets at the same time. If your location is not currently offering both $30 Scratchers tickets, work with your Lottery sales representative to begin selling both games.





Cash Explosion® is a registered trademark of the Ohio Lottery Commission.