Public Education Proceeds Rank Second Highest Ever


Thanks in part to our retail partners, the Missouri Lottery transferred more than $297.8 million to public education during fiscal year 2017 - the second-highest transfer in the Lottery's 31-year history.

"Our strategic goal was to reach $286.4 million, and we surpassed that by 4 percent. We're very pleased," said May Scheve Reardon.

Prior to each fiscal year, the Lottery averages the most recent five years' profits for a "benchmark," and increases it by 1 percent to arrive at a reasonable strategic goal for the upcoming fiscal year.

"By doing this, we are challenging ourselves and our retailers to strive for sending more money to education year after year," said Reardon.

One hundred percent of Lottery proceeds from Lottery ticket sales go to public education. Since sales began in 1986, more than $5.7 billion has been generated for the state and public education, including the A+ Scholarships Program and Special Education Excess Costs, among many other programs.