Retailer Reminder: Show Me The Money

If a customer comes into your location and hands your clerk a large stack of playslips to run through the terminal, have the clerk run $10-$20 worth at a time and ask for payment throughout the process.  If, after the clerk runs the playslips, the customer leaves the store for any reason without paying, the clerk should immediately begin canceling the tickets on the terminal.

This scenario mirrors a scam that occurs occasionally throughout the state:

  • A “customer” will come into the store right before draw break for the Midday or Evening drawings. 
  • They will usually present a stack of Pick 3 and Pick 4 playslips to create about $100 or more in wagers. 
  • The customer will then make an excuse to leave the store (their debit card doesn’t work, their wallet is in the car), leaving the clerk with the tickets. 
  • The customer, knowing what wagers were made with the playslips, will not return to pay for the tickets unless they know they have won.  

We have even had reports that clerks have been instructed by the customer not to cancel their tickets.

Tickets cannot be canceled during draw breaks, so it is crucial that your clerk begins canceling tickets as soon as the customer leaves without paying for them.  If this happens to you, call the Missouri Lottery Security Division at (573) 522-3480 Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.