Retailers Earn More with $30 'Golden Ticket'

golden ticket dispenser

During the six-week introduction of the Missouri Lottery’s first $30 Scratchers game – “$300,000,000 Golden Ticket” – retailers who sold the game using an on-counter dispenser earned an increased commission for each “Golden Ticket” they sold in their highest sales week. Based on their sales results, 1,089 retailers across the state took home a combined increased commission of $28,629. That $28,629 increase is in addition to the $1.50 commission every retailer receives for each “Golden Ticket” sold.

The $1.50 commissions aren’t expected to slow down, either! Due to having the highest six-week game launch ever, player demand for the $30 “Golden Ticket” is expected to continue, which will result in even more commissions for Missouri Lottery retailers.