Sales Grow When You Go Cashless

"Cashless spending" is here to stay, representing 80% of consumer spending. As fewer customers carry cash and make their buying decisions based on ease of purchase, it’s time for retailers to ask the question: "Should my business accept debit and credit for Lottery purchases?"

While payment options are left to the discretion of each retailer, there is evidence to support positive sales growth among locations that accept cashless forms of payment for Lottery products. For example, a 10-month study showed a sales lift of 21.4% for convenience stores that accepted debit and/or credit for Lottery purchases, compared to a 2.9% increase for those that did not.

If you’re already offering the option and want to better educate your customers, your Lottery Sales Representative can help. Ask about Lottery-provided point-of-sale materials to help get the word out.