Security Snapshot: Don't Get Scammed

scams brochure

February is National Scams Awareness Month, but people with deceptive intentions prey on the unsuspecting all year long. Be alert for these common scams:


  • Mail Scams:  In late 2015, the Missouri Lottery received several letters from people across the country wishing to claim prizes through fraudulent organizations that listed the Missouri Lottery's address as their own.

  • Social Media Scams:  An emerging trend, scammers have also resorted to targeting social media users. Attempted in multiple ways, direct messaging on social media has become one of the most prevalent practices for scammers to mislead unsuspecting people into thinking they have won a prize.


Both of these scams require victims to send money to cover "taxes" or "processing fees" in order to claim their "prize." Remember: the Missouri Lottery will never require a winner to pay money upfront in order to claim a prize.