Three Habits to Minimize Security Concerns

Check Your Ticket

Follow these three practices to help ensure that your business is operating efficiently and responsibly when validating Lottery products and interacting with players:

  • Return Non-Winning Tickets:  If you don?t already, always ask each player if they would like their non-winning tickets back immediately after validating. Since Lottery products become a customer?s property at the point of purchase, this is not only an industry best practice, but it also preserves the integrity of your business and the Missouri Lottery.

  • Use FailSafe® Barcodes:  Reduce customer wait times by encouraging players to have FailSafe barcodes uncovered by the time they reach the counter. By preparing customers to present Scratchers® tickets with the FailSafe barcode revealed, you will be able to validate their tickets quicker and better control customer foot traffic.

  •  Encourage Check-A-Ticket (CAT) Devices:  Remind players that they can check their tickets before bringing them to you! In using a CAT device, players can use the FailSafe barcode to check their Scratchers tickets and the barcode located at the bottom of their Draw Games tickets to see if they won a prize. By confirming their prize using the CAT devices, players will be informed on what to expect when they bring their tickets to you to validate.