Where Lottery Proceeds Go: Web Tools Provide Answers

To better illustrate how Missouri Lottery dollars are used to provide educational opportunities for Missouri students and support Missouri businesses, Molottery.com has launched two new map features that pinpoint how Lottery dollars were spent in each of our state's 114 counties and the city of St. Louis the last fiscal year.

The "Education Expenditures Map" breaks down the amount of Lottery proceeds spent on public education by both Elementary and Secondary Education and Higher Education, detailing the specific programs that received the funds.

"The Missouri Legislature appropriates 100 percent of annual Lottery proceeds for public education, and we want all of our players, and Missouri citizens in general, to be able to see just how those Lottery dollars are being used in their home county," said May Scheve Reardon, executive director of the Missouri Lottery. "This map is a great way to see that, showing exactly what education programs have benefited from the Lottery."

The second map, "Education, Retailers and Players," displays county-specific totals for Lottery dollars allocated to education, as well as the total amounts provided to Missouri businesses in the form of retailer commissions and incentives, and to our winners through prizes.

Where the Money Went

Click on the links below to see how your community benefited during the last audited fiscal year.

Search by County: Education Expenditures

Search by County: Education, Retailers and Players